Going Mental for Marisa

In Fox's new drama Mental, Marisa Ramirez plays a lesbian doctor trying to keep the peace and navigate a long-distance relationship in a hospital full of patients gone mad.



While you wait to see if Mental is a hit, what are you working on? I'm working on getting another job. Always, I'm always auditioning. I did a little short film with Nicholas, actually, that he produced, but it was only a couple of days, but it was so much fun. As far as everything else, I miss auditioning. It's a weird time. There's not a lot going on and there's not a lot we can audition for except for guest roles and movie roles, but there aren't a lot of movies being produced right now, so it's a weird time. So I'm hoping we get to go back to Colombia, where we shot the first 13 episodes of Mental.

What would be your dream role? I've always said that I want to play a character with a severe problem, whether it is maybe a drug addict or somebody with a mental issue. Or just a role where I can go out there and do a lot of research and fully prepare and something that will just make me feel good at what I accomplish in showing this different character. I feel like I haven't had that opportunity yet. I feel like I don't go out for a lot of these crazy roles that I'd like to go out for, but we'll see.

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