It's All Greek

Dante's Cove star Gregory Michael goes gay (again) on ABC Family's Greek, proving the range of gay characters portrayed on TV is bigger than ever.




Greek 's out creator Patrick Sean Smith has made sure Calvin hasn't been the show's token gay eunuch: In season 1 he had a down-low affair with Heath (Zack Lively) that ultimately led to his coming-out. Last season he dated Michael ( Ugly Betty 's Max Greenfield), but their age difference proved too great. Smith also introduced a lesbian subplot this year, when sorority girl Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) shared a kiss with her friend Ashleigh's gay sister, Robin.

How Grant and Calvin ultimately fare will be revealed in the forthcoming third season. For now, though, Michael is ambiguous about his character's future with Calvin.

"I've heard the story line of the two of them as roommates continues," he says, "but whether they're in one bed or two, we'll have to see."

Also a mystery is whether Michael will be returning to Cove. Production for the new season is under way, but the final word on casting hasn't been announced, according to a here! spokesperson.

"I'm just focusing on Greek right now," says Michael. "I don't know what will happen [with Dante's Cove ]."

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