Make Him a Supermodel

Make Me a Supermodel 's construction worker-turned-model Jonathan Waud is vying for the grand prize on Bravo's hit model face-off -- and with any luck, he has it in the bag.



Jonathan Waud is set to
take off. As a finalist on the second season of Bravo's hit
Make Me a Supermodel,

he has made quite an impression on the judges and American men

The 27-year-old
construction worker/model turned more than a few heads when he
posed wearing only a scarf in a recent episode. This husband
and father really knows how to take care of himself, and he
really knows his audience. Born and raised in Southampton,
England, he graduated from the University of the West of
England in Bristol with a degree in French and international
business and went on to study in the south of France before
moving to Los Angeles. Once in L.A. he co-wrote a screenplay,
lost all his money, and had to work as a contractor's
assistant before starting his own handyman business.

Jonathan met a woman,
fell in love, and fathered a child. He got his start in
modeling late in life (21!) when he met a fellow countryman at
a coffee shop who introduced him to an agent, and the rest is
history. So how did this blond Brit become the heartthrob of
boys and girls everywhere, and how does he keep his bod in such
great shape?

Hello?Jonathan Waud:

Sorry, I'm out of breath. I was doing my 100 perfect


Yes. A hundred in the morning and 100 at night. Have
to maintain.

Of course. Are you busy now with the show and

Yes. I'm in Boston with my family now; we're going to
the beach. Then I have to return to L.A. And of course the
finale on Wednesday.

Is it live?

No, unfortunately. Last season, they got the live viewer vote,
but we got kind of gypped and it was just judges' decisions.
The show was taped end of last year. So we've just been
watching it on TV along with everyone else.

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