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Lauralee Bell on Thom Bierdz, Chris Engen makes a statement, Forbes March heads back to daytime, and Eden Riegel gets bitchy.



Chris Engen x390 (sony) |

"I just felt generally unhappy about my contribution to the show, and had greater and greater difficulty making any sense of the challenges they were asking me to face. If that makes me a limited actor, then so be it," Engen (pictured) wrote.

So for a limited actor, kissing another man was then quite the acting challenge?

Soap Star Speaks Out on Prop. 8

The sensational Nancy Lee Grahn and I chatted about the California supreme court's decision to uphold the anti-gay-marriage measure Prop. 8. The very inspiring and political actress -- who plays legal eagle Alexis Davis on General Hospital -- shared her thoughts. "Today was a sad today in California, because the court did not overturn the ban. So you are not allowed to get married here right now if you are gay. I don't get that ... never will. I think that's insane. Remember once the Constitution said women couldn't vote. So this is one of the things that needs to be changed."

Speaking of change, Nancy has a newly aged on-screen daughter who debuted today in the body of actress Lexi Ainsworth. "Kristina was 6, and now she is 16 years old and she apparently gets into trouble all the time." But what did Nancy think when the powers that be decided to give SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) to her on-screen offspring?

"My thought was OK. They are rapidly aging her. Better her than me [ laughs ]. Then I get all this practice of a daughter who thinks I am an idiot, and apparently I am an idiot because Alexis is oblivious, because apparently Kristina is a bit of a ho!" [ Laughs ]

Otalia Watch - This Week

Natalia's son, Rafe, can't become a cop and needs a job since he got out of prison. Natalia got defensive about Rafe and Olivia to Father Ray ... and then Father Ray suggested she doesn't have strong enough feelings for Olivia if she can't tell Rafe the truth about them. Olivia had to apologize to Natalia for not being patient about Rafe. Rafe is becoming a problem in the dynamic duo's relationship and becoming a buzz kill!

Next Week's Preview

Olivia and Natalia admit they miss being together. Rafe watches unseen as Natalia gets close to Olivia. Natalia and Olivia have the talk about sex. Rafe waits for an explanation, as the women are unaware that he saw them.

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