The Ties That Bind

As the World Turns 's Van Hansis (Luke) and Paolo Seganti (Damian) play daytime's estranged father and gay son. Now they are learning to trust and accept each other. But will it last?




How does Luke view Holden?Hansis: Luke does not call Damian "dad". Luke calls Holden "dad". Holden is the person that raised Luke. Holden is Luke's father in every sense of the word. Also, Luke and Holden had scenes recently, after Luke was the one who convinced Damian to stay in Oakdale. Lily was OK with it, and Damian was thrilled with it, and Holden was the one who had an issue with it! I think where Holden is coming from is; he has his family and his life back after everything that happened with Carly. Things are starting to get back on track with Lily, and then Damian comes in. Not only is he a threat to Holden's marriage, but also, he is a threat to Holden's fatherhood. Holden is very wary of Damian, but Holden loves Luke, and wants Luke to make his own kind of decision of what he wants with Damian.

As ATWT viewers see it, Holden has constantly stood by Luke! Even when his mother and Damian had to grapple with their son being gay, Holden was there for Luke.Hansis: Holden was the only one. Lily came around, but at first she was more shocked than anything, but Holden was the one who put it together before Luke came out, and Holden was the one who was most accepting.

But is our "Luciano" more like a Grimaldi than a Snyder? He must feel conflicted.Hansis: I do think Luke feels a pull -- like between My Two Dads. Wasn't that a sitcom or something? I think what's interesting in the writing right now is that you are seeing much more of Damian's influence on Luke, whether Luke knows it or not. Luke is starting to act more like Damian. He has taken a lot of the same risks that Damian has taken, and he has a lot of the same self-centeredness that Damian has, in terms of justifying the means. I think that definitely comes from Damian. He also has Holden's stubbornness and the way Holden cares about family. Luke is a good mix of his three parents -- Holden, Damian, and Lily.

Were you surprised that in the story, Damian took an instant liking to and was accepting of Noah, Luke's boyfriend?Seganti: No. I already accepted that Luke was gay. In meeting Noah, I just wanted a confirmation about the guy. By choosing Noah, who is awesome and a great person, my son is a great judge of character, and is in good hands as well. For Damian, it was the icing on the cake to meet Noah. He believes they love each other. He is a great guy and very grounded. Noah has been through a lot in his life to be a rock for Luke. Luke is up and down right now, and he does not know what to do with his life and his foundation, so Damian is happy that he has this guy in his life. Noah was the first person who felt Damian meant well and that Luke should give Damian the benefit of the doubt.

Hansis: I think it was really good to have Noah be the one who accepted Damian. Damian was saying, "I'm sorry for my actions, and I have had a lot of time to think about it," and Luke did not trust that. And I think this time, more so than when Damian came back a couple of years ago, what Damian says he is doing now, his actions reflect it; where what he used to say he was doing one thing, and his actions were completely different. I think Noah is a good judge of character and much more rational than Luke.

Nuke are becoming involved in filmmaking, especially Noah!Hansis: Noah is in school to be a filmmaker. So when Paul kidnaps Eliza, Noah has an idea to make a tape of Meg to put on YouTube asking Paul to bring Eliza back. Luke helped him.

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