Keeping It Real

Before everyone arrived... before names had even been exchanged, members of The Real World: Cancún cast asked the gay question. They knew there was one among them -- and his name is Derek Chavez.



You are described as an overachiever in high school. What do you see in your real life after The Real World ? I don't know. When I was younger, I did a little bit of modeling and acting, but everybody who does Real World basically wants that. That's not all I'm looking for. Because I'm an overachiever and there are opportunities now and doors open for me, I'm going to be that person chasing my dream until I get it. If it takes me longer because of the show -- I took four months off from school -- it's OK. I'll still go to school to get my degree. But I still want to pursue my dream of acting, modeling, being an entertainer.

Do you see yourself playing an activist role in your pending celebrity? I want to start becoming more of an activist. At the moment, I'm not. I've looked into the deal with Proposition 8 in California and 102 here in Arizona. Because of the show and spotlight, I hope that I'm presented an opportunity to be an activist within the LGBT community. I want to talk to kids who are having a hard time coming out, and I want to be a role model for some gay people. Young gay people are going to be able to look at me in the show and say, "Look at what he's doing. He's gay, but he's not a bad person. He's someone who everyone gets along with, and people are OK with him being gay. So it's OK for me to be gay too -- to be open and happy."


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