Fish Out of Water

One Life to Live 's Scott Evans talks about playing a gay cop's coming-out story and being the openly gay brother of A-List hunk Chris Evans.




Since it was announced that Fish will have his coming-out story on OLTL , any e-mails, comments, people coming up to you about the upcoming story? In New York lately I have been talking to people randomly who have stopped me in town and will say, "Did I see you on TV?" or they might recognize me from different blogs where I had pictures. Everybody is supportive and they will write me online and say, "I see what's going on. That's terrific. Congratulations." Everyone is extremely supportive, which is incredible.

Are we going to need hankies? Will there be some sadness in Fish's coming-out story? I hope so. I think the story of anyone struggling will tug at your heartstrings.

Have you and OLTL head writer, Ron Carlivati, had meetings to discuss the story points for Fish and Kyle? We talk in passing, and talk about what's going to happen in the future. So we know how to deal and play some things now, as opposed to what's happening in the future. It's all informative and helps with our portrayals.

Fans of OLTL have not liked the character of Kyle because he has been a blackmailing troublemaker! How is that going to work out for the two of you? It's going to create some good tension because Kyle is in trouble with the law, and Fish is the law. So it will create added tension to what is already there from our past. Kyle had a little trouble for a while, but he is getting better.

Did you see the film Milk ? I loved the film Milk and cried my eyes out.

The scenes where the kid in the wheelchair from a smaller town is struggling to get out to a more metropolitan or accepting city for gays was poignant… …..Which we can hope they will watch daytime soaps and One Life to Live because if they need help with any of this, this will help. We will be telling the story of coming out.

What was the progression of your realizing you were gay? I have such a weird story with that. I am not sure I always knew. I had girlfriends in high school, and one day I went and did summer stock theater. It was the year before I graduated high school and was sort of like, "Wait a minute. Maybe I should reassess." That is when I picked up and moved to New York to reassess.

How is New York treating you? It's amazing! I would not live anywhere else. And the heat is starting to come and I am a sweater. So we will see. I am originally from Massachusetts, so it's not far from home.

In closing, what can we look forward to from Fish on OLTL ? A love story and a journey, and it's human. If you can't relate to that you're a robot!

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