The Diva of French Television

A hot young screenwriter who has made gay OK for millions of French viewers, Nicolas Mercier sips champagne, dons a feathered hat, and says he wants to see Colin Farrell and Jude Law go at it.



Are you a monogamist at heart? In the beginning I was like everyone else who wanted to explore their own powers of seduction. But as I grew up I realized that the road I was traveling was vain and narcissistic. It's been a long journey, but in the end I realized that committing to one person was not only the most difficult path, but the most rewarding. So I guess I could say I'm a converted monogamist.

What do you think of the PACS [Pacte civil de solidarit√©] system in France, and do you think real marriage should be an option for gays? Legally, PACS is enough for me because Paul and I have the same rights as any straight couple who gets married, except for being able to adopt kids. I can't stand straight people who are anti-gay marriage, but feel almost the same about the gay pro-wedding crowd. It should exist because it is a good way to fight homophobia, but gay couples should be given the same rights without having to copy straight couples' traditions. I like what one of Delano√ę's [Paris's gay mayor] cabinet members said: "Gay marriage should be authorized just so that gay men can have the opportunity to say no to a marriage proposal."

OK, now I have a very important question to ask you. Anything. I'm ready.

I heard you had coffee with Rupert Everett the other day. Is he as hot in real life as on the screen? [ Chuckling ] Well, although his mind is still very elegant and witty, he's lost that dandy touch that I loved and is going more for the short hair, tracksuit, and muscles look. I'm more into the natural look for men instead of the pumped-up gym look.

And finally, to end on an even more voyeuristic note, what two stars would you most like to watch doing a sex scene you wrote? Hmm. I guess it would be Colin Farrell and Jude Law.

Oh, my God, I would totally go see that film. [ Sipping his champagne and smiling oh, so suavely ] Who wouldn't?

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