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Forbes March talks about playing gay, Otalia fans outraged, update on One Life to Live 's Patricia Maurceri's firing over gay plot point, Phillip Chancellor III big reveal, and Erica Kane goes to Africa.




Catfight of the Week

It's just like old times! On yesterday's episode of The Young and the Restless , Jill went after Katherine with both barrels. The argument stemmed from Jill spewing to Katherine all the hurt and anger she is feeling, and that she believes the grand dame of Genoa City hates her ... (it was recently revealed that the two are not biological mother/daughter)! Well, it was enough to make poor Katherine stroke out! And Jill thinks Mrs. C. is faking it for sympathy, but no dice. Katherine did have a mini-stroke. Thanks a lot, Jill!

B&B's and True Blood 's Ashley Jones on the Death of MJ

In closing, as many of us are still in shock from the tragic death of Michael Jackson last week, I conducted an interview for TV Soap Australia with The Bold and the Beautiful 's Ashley Jones (Bridget) who is also currently starring in season 2 of HBO's True Blood as Daphne. I asked the talented Hollywood actress her thoughts on his passing. "There are so many mixed emotions that go along with it. We got to work, and we all knew Farrah Fawcett had died. I got up to my dressing room and I got a text message from my sister about Michael. It seemed so surreal until I was on the way home, and I honestly felt I was going to cry. I felt silly saying that, but a lot of people said they teared up when they heard. But for me, Michael Jackson reminds me of my youth. I remember my first Michael Jackson album. I thought it was the coolest thing I ever had. I remember his song 'PYT,' and all the girls on my street would do the dance. I went to a coffee shop this morning and they were playing 'Human Nature,' and it makes you want to cry. I believe in life after death and your spirit will go on. I hope Michael is looking down going, 'Wow! The whole world is kind of united.' It's kind of what Michael Jackson wanted all along change the world and 'The Man in the Mirror,' and there is no difference between 'Black or White.' I hope he looks down and says, 'I did it.' It's sad."

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