Wendy Williams: The Queen's New Court

How you doin'? Closeted stars may never be safe, but radio shock jock Wendy Williams is doin' just fine as she brings her "messy" talk show to daytime TV.



Some have said that you finally met your match with guest Omarosa when you two butted heads on an episode during your show's six-week trial run. What was the real story there?
I couldn't believe that some people thought that was for publicity. That was no staged act. She was invited on the show because she had a new book out; she immediately became defensive, and I have no idea why. I could've gone there, and I certainly have it in me to go there, but I wasn't going there. What for? I'm trying to start a new career. I don't know what her agenda was, but my agenda for the entire six weeks was to hopefully get picked up and spend the remainder of my life doing daytime TV. But if I had gone there, I would've been showing you a Jerry Springer/Maury Povich moment. And I want all the viewers and guests to know that they will be treated kindly and with respect on my show. It's fun, it's tongue-in-cheek, but this is not Jerry Springer or Maury Povich.

Omarosa's not the first person to make a crack about your wigs. Is that the worst insult you can give a black woman?
It's not just a black woman thing; it's a woman thing period. You watch the Housewives — they immediately insult the weight, cosmetic surgery, the hair, the shoes, the skin condition. Me, I make it easy. I'm a visual calamity, so you have so many ways to go. But you're talking about something that I already talk about. And you know what? I've got a sharp, bitter tongue too. The difference between me and Omarosa — in that particular situation and from that day forth — is that I know how to bite my tongue, pull back a bit, and still be entertaining enough to have a long-lasting career on daytime TV. As for what Omarosa is doing right now? I don't know.

Partly because of your many wigs, colorful fashion statements, and breast enlargement surgery, Wendy haters often try to insult you by saying you look like a drag queen or transsexual — as if that's a bad thing.
Exactly! What, because I always put the extra effort in whatever it is that I do? The drag community always puts in that extra something, whether it's an extra row of lashes, an extra wiggle in the hips, or an extra tease of the hair. I'm a woman, and I celebrate being a girl. I'm sorry I don't like trucker hats and flat shoes.

In 2003 you conducted a famously tense radio interview with Whitney Houston, who has a new album out this fall. Do you smell a big comeback?
She has it in her to make a comeback, but the comeback will have a twist. Whitney is not Keri Hilson or one of these younger ingenues, but there is a place for Whitney. I've heard that this album is going to be really, really good, but I can't wait to find out how it actually sounds. I really want another interview with her. We have a lot in common — we're both from New Jersey, we're both women in our mid 40s, we've both dealt with substance abuse, and we're both mothers after trying for many years — so I think we could have a really great conversation. Let it be known that I would love to have Whitney on.

Here's a Wendy question for you: Have you ever messed around with a woman?
No, I haven't. I'm sure I've had opportunities, but I have a cat-trap too, and I can't get past that. Ew. The upkeep is ridiculous, and at times it's rather funky, so how do you have one and still want to deal with other ones? God bless the lesbians. Uck. I have no desire.

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