Third Time's the Charm

After seducing Kelly Preston in Citizen Ruth and attempting to do the same to Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives, Swoosie Kurtz goes lesbian again with BFF Blythe Danner on Nurse Jackie.



So when you stepped on the set, you and Blythe must have had a shorthand even in your characters.Totally. When they told her I was doing it they said, "She's in if you're in." I said, "Count me in." When I first signed up, I didn't know who my partner was going to be. I just shrieked when I heard it was Blythe and she shrieked when she heard it was me.

As I haven't seen the episode yet, did you work with Edie Falco?We didn't get to. We worked with Eve Best, who's just a doll. She's just a dream. And Coop -- Peter Facinelli, he's just an angel. Our relationship has to do with me bringing Blythe into the hospital. We didn't have any big love scene or anything.

Perhaps that will be in the next episode.Down the line… exactly.

Since you mentioned love scenes, of Kelly Preston in Citizen Ruth , Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives, and now Blythe -- who have been the objects of your affection --That's right. Pretty good company.

Do you have a favorite paramour? Obviously Blythe is your friend…Well, I've always said if I had to kiss a woman it would probably be Blythe. I've always idolized her as an actress too. I would watch her read takeout menus. I would watch an entire show built around her reading takeout menus. And Edie Falco…

Speaking of outstanding acting.Oh my God, Edie. The writing is astonishing, but her performance… it's one of the best performances I've ever seen in any medium. She is so real and it's scary, alarming, and hilarious. She's something.

How are you with Pushing Daisies being canceled?It's too bad that a beautiful piece of creation had to go away, but then you have to look at the glass half-full... that a show like this ever got a shot to begin with is miraculous. It's a beautiful thing and I think a lot of people will treasure and cherish the memory. It was a fantastic group of people to work with.

On the subject of actresses playing lesbian, your Daisies costar Kristin Chenoweth is up to star as Dusty Springfield in a film. If Kristin's people called and asked if you'd play her lover on the big screen, would you do it?Oh my God, are you kidding? In a second! We'll just keep this thing going forever. The lesbian loop.

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