Third Time's the Charm

After seducing Kelly Preston in Citizen Ruth and attempting to do the same to Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives, Swoosie Kurtz goes lesbian again with BFF Blythe Danner on Nurse Jackie.



So many actors are heading back to the theater. Is there any chance you'll return to the stage soon?Well, fortunately they keep after me. They keep asking. To show up eight times a week and basically live like a nun for however long, it has to be something so compelling for me because the rest of my life basically just gets put on hold. It's like an athletic event. I love it. It's like my life's blood to me, but it has to be Oh my God, I have to do this. But I'm doing other stuff. My Heroes character is recurring and I'm filming that right now. So I'm keeping off the streets for the moment.

Well good, because we worry about that.I know you do.

Since you are widely loved by gay fans, I wonder if you might weigh in on the marriage issue. The wins and the loss in California and Prop. 8.Well, why does anyone care what anyone else does? It's astonishing. It's the narrow-mindedness we've encountered in this country with race, with abortion. It is so nobody else's business. This whole thing of marriage being between a man and a woman… I think it's making progress. It's just that these things always take so much time. Again, look back at Love, Sidney … 1981. The affiliates simply heard the word and they all pulled out. They hadn't read it. They hadn't seen it. And look at how far we've come. Step by step. Changing one mind at a time.

With all of these roles you've tackled you're an icon to lesbians and to gay men, which is great when you straddle both communities. There is hopeful speculation -- and it might just be me -- that you might actually be one of us.Hopeful speculation! I love that. I hate to disappoint you, but I'm actually not. But that's a real tribute to my acting.

We gay girls like to fantasize.I love it. I am truly, truly flattered.

We are very much looking forward to you and Blythe on Nurse Jackie . We'll petition to make the characters recurring.I love the idea of a campaign to bring us back. I know they want to and they intend to.

Lesbian fans are really devoted, so you're in good hands.I'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing show.


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