Miami Vice

What's a gay celebrity journalist turned Huffington Post blogger to do when he's looking for love and a way to plug his new business venture? Join the cast of a new reality show on Bravo, of course.




So none of this was really scripted then?No, no, no.

Because The Hills is arguably totally scripted.Right. That's the crazy thing; I mean... I don't know how the show plays out, but I know what's going on in everybody's life during the show and all our connections and everything, and you honestly can't even script something this good.

But they must get your reaction shots. Did they ever say, like, "Walk in this room again," or, "Can you guys say what you said again?"They'd say, "Instead of saying 'Oh, how's your daughter?' at least say, 'How's your daughter Angelica?'" Just so the person watching the show knows Angelica's name. I mean, that would be the extent of it. There was no, "Do this," "Say that."

So there was no, "We need to get it again. So do the same thing you did again?"It would never work. I have to say that the production company in this thing is amazing, and the producers that worked with us were amazing, and they really matched the producers' personalities with the characters' personalities. I'm not an actor, that's for sure. I can't fake, so there was really none of that. I think because there have been shows that are scripted or that people know are scripted, they assume everything is, and we really aren't.

It is unclear on the show just exactly what your job is?Well, I've left In Touch Weekly , where I was working, and I started writing a blog for the Huffington Post and I'm working on a book, a collection of shorts. And of course I started working on my website. So I'm taking all this stuff I know about pop culture and putting it into this Style Lab company, and it's slowly working. I made a career change and was actually in a career crisis on the show. I was like, I can't work at this celebrity magazine anymore, and I just wanted to kinda write and do this online project. I went to do it and the recession started hitting really hard when we were filming, and I had a potential investor, and you know things were kind of in trouble with the economy and it plays out in the show.

It seems like you have quite a bit of money. You're throwing this lavish birthday party in an early episode complete with party planner and you drive a Mercedes SUV. For a journalist you're certainly running with that Miami crowd pretty effectively.The birthday party was a fund-raiser for Diabetes Research Institute. I'm an activist for the Diabetes Research Institute. My very good friends, both their dads died of diabetes and I really saw the effect on them. But I can't always do stuff for them, because of travel, and this and that. I'm not a charity girl who's home every day who goes to the meetings, and I couldn't do as much as I wanted. So I said, I'll make my birthday party into a fund-raiser. I know at my birthday party on the show there was a little scuttle with George coming with his new girlfriend...

Yes, the arguably crazy model he is dating.Yeah, so I don't know if the DRI thing got eclipsed.

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