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The inventive and creative weekly feature focuses on news, interviews, and hot topics and banter between the threesome. They record their show on Monday night and release it on Tuesday morning so the content is current. Newcomb tells me the audio feature is a cross between ABC's The View and E's! Pure Soap (yes, I worked on that show, back in the '90s). So I had to ask, Which guy is most like which lady of The View ?

"I would be Whoopi. I don't try to make everything liberal, but it kind of always comes out in discussions. Michael is Sherri Shepherd. He is very funny and he is a comedian. Damon would be Joy. We would like to bring in an Elizabeth to have more conflict!"

So what does my fellow gay soap journalist have to say about the current misfires on some of the current gay soap love affairs?

"I am pretty sensitive on how gay people and gay men in particular are portrayed. I even commented this week that the first thing you see on ATWT was Emily and Paul sort of lying naked on a sofa. I thought, I will never, ever see this with Luke and Noah. I have never seen them in a bed or lying down together. It pops into my mind sometimes what a double standard there is, and until there is not that double standard, I will always be sensitive to certain aspects of their story. I think what is being done right at a high level is the good intentions of the producers to tell a story, but I think the problem is the complete underestimation of the audience's willingness to accept it. I guarantee you could show Luke and Noah in bed together or Kyle and Fish in bed together and the world would not end ... the ratings would not dip and the show would not fall apart. At this point with these soaps in threat, what do you have to lose? I could watch The Real World on MTV in 1993 and watch two gay guys give each other a peck on the cheek and hugging ... it's now 2009!"

Make sure to go check out their podcast here !

Daytime Emmys Exclusive! Get Close to Your Soap Stars on the Red Carpet!

How can you get a closer glimpse of your favorite soap stars at this year's Daytime Emmys? By coming down to the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles early on August 30 and being part of the red carpet preshow to air live on the CW! Due to the smaller venue for this year's broadcast, fans won't be able to buy tickets for inside-the-theater seating, as the limited capacity allows only for nominees and guests. Therefore, the only game in town for fans is to show up early for red carpet seating. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis starting at 11 a.m. the day of the show. Please note, there is only limited bleacher seating available, and no one will be allowed through to the red carpet for viewing after 1 p.m. due to security procedures. The red carpet preshow ends at 5 p.m. There are many paid parking lots near the Orpheum that are open all day Sunday. More details on my website exclusively next week.

Because Your "Kiss Is on My List"

Yes, the big day is near. Can One Life 's same-sex kiss between "Kish" make gay fans happy, or will the fans throw things at their TV? Here's a preview of next Thursday's not-to-be missed episode!

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