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John Driscoll on his new role, gay soap journos launch podcast, Daytime Emmy news, Kish's kiss, update on Crystal Chappell's Venice, Daniel Goddard gets the Adonis heave-ho, and more ...




Adonis 2009 Competition Update: Goddard Out!

Well, in another shocker in the Adonis 2009 competition, Y&R 's Daniel Goddard (Cane) was given the heave-ho! And once again B&B 's Brandon Beemer (Owen) ended up in the bottom three, and so too did our Luke, ATWT's Van Hansis. Now at week 7, we are getting down to the nitty-gritty, with the question, "Which soap hunk would you like to be stranded with in an elevator?" Would it be James Scott (E.J., Days ), Jake Silbermann (Noah, ATWT ), Mark Lawson (Brody, OLTL ), Steve Burton (Jason, GH ) or Hansis or Beemer? Voting for the top six finalists starts today, July 30, and continues through August 4. Remember, only one vote per day, so make it count .

So How Is Daytime's Favorite Cross-dressing Killer Doing?

Daytime Confidential has a juicy new interview for every gender, sexual orientation, and position with former Passions star Phillip Jeanmarie, who played the evil Vincent. Here is an excerpt of this must-read:

D.C.: What did you think of all the crazy plot twists your character went through on Passion s? Vincent went from being a down-low brother to a hermaphrodite, cross-dressing rapist/serial killer who bore his own father's child!

P.J.: I was actually figuring all of that out around the same time as you guys! [ Laughs ] I just learned not to overthink it, to go with your gut. It was fun. How many actors can say they got to wear high heels? OK, so maybe a lot, but it was a lot of fun! [ Laughs ]

Scene-stealers of the Week

This goes to two guys from General Hospital who over the last two weeks (since my last column) delivered some must-see moments. First off, the remarkable young actor who is now playing the young Morgan, Aaron Refvem. In an emotional tearjerker, concerned for the welfare of his mom, Carly, and her unborn child (who lies in the hospital), the young boy breaks down. He showed amazing acting chops. I needed hankies!

Then, Daytime Emmy nominee Bradford Anderson really made fans choke back the tears when in the pivotal karaoke episodes he got up and struggled through Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" for his beloved "Maximista," played by Kirsten Storms. In the end, she fell for "the geek who can belt out a tune" and the two finally did the deed! Check out this memorable clip!


You can see more of Bradford and Adonis 2009 Hunk nominee Steve Burton in my exclusive video interviews from the 2009 GH Fan Club Weekend by clicking here .

Worst Catfight of the Week

We have to acknowledge in this week's column one of the worst daytime catfights -- sorry One Life to Live, you know I love you! When Gigi Morasco finally confronted her very own "Evilene" sister, Stacy, in the parking garage of the hospital for destroying her relationship with Rex and about the whole bag of blood issue (don't get me started), I wanted the fight to be the end all of girly fights. But what we were left with was Gigi giving one wallop to Stacy's face, and then the girls headed toward the hospital stairwell. Ah, you know what that means. Someone is going to take a fall.

Then. in an awkward moment where Gigi barely touched Stacy, the evildoer went tumbling down the stairs. All I can say is that poor stunt double earned her paycheck. and we still had Stacy to deal with when all was said and done.

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