Hulk Hogan’s ‘Little Gay Sidekick’ Hits Vh1 

Celebreality series Brooke Knows Best throws emmy-nominated choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard into tabloid scandal once again.



I wanted to know the gay wrestlers’ names.

surprised people aren’t making a bigger deal out of
that. When he plants that kiss on my cheek, and says
he has gay wrestler friends, I thought people would be
like, “Hmm, who are those people?” (Laughing.)

As I was coming of age sexually, many guys he wrestled
were my sexual fantasies.

(Laughing.) Oh,
my God! I hope Hulk wasn’t a sexual fantasy of

Well… So what was it like introducing Liza Minelli
to David Guest?

Well, I
didn’t know it was going to turn into that for sure.
David Guest is one of my least favorite people. Liza
is one of my favorite people. So I didn’t think
they’d hit it off, but they did for a little while. I
guess that’s all I’m going to say about that.

The tabloids say one of Brooke’s female friends
slept with her dad. At least you won’t
sleep with Hulk and ruin her parents’ marriage!

(Laughing.) True
that! You’re not going to see that happening.
I’m not into bears.

Bears?! Hulk doesn’t really have any hair at all!

I know, but
he’s shaving it all the time. He’s definitely

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