Queens of the Crews

America's Best Dance Crew 's gay group may have to contend with judges calling them ladies and a fickle voting audience -- but if backflips in stilettos don't get them noticed, nothing will.




Crew chief Devon Webster agreed that Vogue Evolution's sexuality will likely affect how long the group remains on the show. Judges weigh in, but viewers largely determine who's popular, who isn't, and who should go home. Webster, however, said it could go either way. He added that while haters have surfaced on YouTube, "an equally vocal group is typing away in support." Loud and proud, the members of Vogue Evolution like to think their dancing will do some talking too. Each member has a significant underground fan base, has performed in dance battles, and is accomplished as an individual.

Though they were performing to Beyoncé's "Déjà Vu," the spectacle was unlike anything the audience had seen before. Judge and former 'N Syncer J.C. Chasez said those ladies woke him from a funk that lasted most of the show; Mario López stood in a dimpled stupor; and Lil Mama remarked that it took a transgender woman to bring out the femininity of Sasha Fierce.

Perhaps the surprise is unwarranted. Seconds before, Maldonado flipped -- in stilettos -- over Dashaun Williams, landed solidly, sat on his back, and crossed her legs. She was a queen among queens, and she looked comfortable on her throne.

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