Score One for the Man From Uranus

Barney Frank is TV's Hero of the Week. And some extremely cool voguing kids. They're heroic too.




When Keith Olbermann commented on Limbaugh's ha-ha moment and clucked in his superior bald eagle voice, "What person over 12 thinks Uranus is funny?" my husband paused the TiVo, looked at me, and said, "I know one."

Anyway, by now you've seen the clip of Barney Frank's foul-calling behavior toward the jerkface woman who informed him that he was supporting a "Nazi policy" by working toward a public health insurance option, just in case he didn't know. And if you didn't see it, I'll recap a little here. She was holding one of those charming signs featuring our biracial president done up like Hitler and telling a gay Jew that he was a Nazi collaborator. This didn't sit well with Mr. Frank and he shut her down with the quickness, asked her what planet she lived on, then he called her comments vile and said that arguing with her was like arguing with a dining room table.


I want that man's adorable squashy mug on a T-shirt now. Fox News, of course, called him rude (not Hitler Lady, though, she was just exercising her free speech). And so what if he was? I'm high on his rudeness. It's about damn time someone fought fire with fire and verbally bashed back at these knuckleheads who understand nothing but fear and selfishness and who want to tantrum their way into decimating something good for the country. I'm fed up with apologetic responses that all sound like, "Oh, good heavens, no! We would never euthanize your grandmother! Oh, our feelings are hurt that you'd suggest it!" So thank you, Barney Frank, you're my #1 gay hero this week.

My second is Tim Gunn. But that's already documented pretty deeply on this site, since I used to exhaustively recap Project Runway in kookoo-bananas detail. And while those days are over, when you're done skimming this column you can enjoy the new shrunken recaps of Runway I'm handcrafting now over at's Popnography page. I'll link you at the end. Don't stress.

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