Were tears shed when you taped your final scene?

Yes. We all had our final scenes and knew who it was with, and then it's over. Then it hit me that it was the last one. It was very, very sad. It was sad watching other people's last scenes and doing your own.

The big question, will Natalia's final scene be with Olivia?

Yes, we can say that, and pretty much everything we did in the final weeks was Natalia and Olivia at the crux of the story.

When Natalia ran away to a retreat to gather her thoughts after she became pregnant, she realized just how much she loved Olivia and that her actions hurt her. Right?
Absolutely. There was no coming back and have a happily-ever-after because what she did was essentially wrong. Natalia hurt Olivia with the news of this major event that happened in her life, the pregnancy, and so Natalia does have some amends to make.

Will there be a life-changing or defining moment when Olivia is finally all right with what Natalia did?

It takes a little while, and that is how they work as a couple. Everything is very gradual with Otalia, so this is along the same lines.

It must have been odd to find out that when you came back, Natalia would indeed be showing, and now you would have to wear a pregnancy pad, when you finally got to not have to walk around on the set really pregnant! Quite the ironic twist, wouldn't you say? All of a sudden Natalia's got quite the tummy!
Sometimes you just pop, and it happened to me, honestly. I just kind of popped and it happened to Natalia too! [Laughs] Honestly, I was thinking, this is not too shabby. I did not have to worry about losing all my baby weight, and far from it -- I came back here and I am getting to wear maternity clothes, and I don't have to worry about getting into my skinny clothes anymore. I am wearing padding, which is great, especially with still having baby weight around my belly. I can just say... it's the padding. It was good for my ego, to be honest, it really was. If I had to come back and wear skinny jeans and cute little halter tops, I would have been miserable. It’s a lot of pressure for us girls, and so when I came back I did not have to worry about my weight, which is my very vain answer to that question. [Laughs]

How was the experience of playing and being pregnant and waddling around?

Wobbling and waddling come very natural to me, so it worked. [Laughs] I still waddle. I loved being pregnant, anyway.

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