Did any face-to-face meetings with fans mean something extra special for you?

We have met a lot of couples who will stroll up to me and Crystal and they will say, "This was our story," and you are looking at two people and realizing you're telling their story and it drives it home and makes it lovely. Seeing their faces is just special.

Who will you miss most on GL?

I don't know how to pick the one person I will miss the most. But obviously, working with Crystal was extraordinary for a million reasons. She is so good and she happens to be a great person too. Everybody worked really hard on this show, and I cannot even tell you the blood, sweat, and tears. I am going to miss going in and grabbing my coffee and going in the makeup room and chatting about what was going on with everyone, walking in the studio...all of it! At the end, there we were working like crazy people, and I am going to miss their faces and saying, "Have a good night" and "Have a good weekend," and laughing...and Daniel Cosgrove [Bill] making ridiculous announcements through the loud speaker. I am going to miss that terribly. I will miss Lawrence Saint-Victor [Remy], who is probably the nicest person I have met in my life...walking down the hallways with a big smile on his face.

Rafe will not accept his mother's romantic attentions towards Olivia. Many gay people have faced this issue with their children when they become involved with someone of the same sex after years of being in heterosexual relationships. What are your thoughts on this story point?

I thought that went really well and I thought it was really important to point this out. The way Rafe was brought up and Natalia was brought up is really important. There was a reason there was such opposition to these feelings and for Rafe to say, "Oh, that’s cool, Mom," would have been ridiculous. So it needed to be addressed. It needed to be hashed out and it played out.

Will Rafe be more accepting of Olivia in the end?

We hope so!

Natalia is such a devout religious woman, which makes her story even more interesting. From playing the role, what would you say to gay people who are very religious and have an internal struggle about accepting who they are?

It's a tough one. You can't tell a person what their faith means to them. There is a reason they have that faith. It's a valid thing to have faith, and it’s a matter of coming to terms with letting yourself be open to not having to choose between the two, and reconciling that. It’s as simple as that. You can have both. That is what I like about Natalia's journey. She figures out who she really is and her faith is valid, but so is her choice to be in love. You can have both. They are really not in opposition to each other, if you think about what faith is. It’s supposed to be all about love.

Otalia fans really put Frank Dicopolous [Frank] on the frying pan for coming between you and Crystal on the show. Did you and Frank discuss the difficulties the story turn would have, and the impact it had on the viewers and that there could be a backlash?

Frank is a stud. He was in a tough spot. We discussed off-screen their relationship all the time. Natalia and Frank had this tricky relationship and situation, and an ambiguous relationship at times. It's not Frank's fault at all. It’s a tough thing he had to play. There is a lot of pride in his character -- to think that you are so close to being in love and then to have her turn out not to love you that way, was devastating for him.

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