The gay fans of course were startled when Natalia found out she was pregnant with Frank's baby and left to go on a retreat to facilitate your exit in real life for your maternity leave. What can you say to your fans who were upset about the story choice? We know it's a writers' decision and not yours.

I do want to address this because it is part of the story and it's not a superficial thing. It is going to be a part of everyone's relationship connected to Otalia, and it's part of the story. I am sure there were a million ways to get me on maternity leave and get Natalia out of town. The writers chose this way, but it will be something that is very important to the story.

Was it a long-range plan to have Natalia pregnant to facilitate your exit?

I could not tell you. I honestly never asked about my maternity leave other than I knew it was coming up. I promised I didn't. I kind of like having the story unfold and not knowing everything that is going to happen.

Many fans were hoping Natalia had a hysterical pregnancy, or would wake up from a bad dream and get a grip and get back to Olivia pronto, sans baby.

You know what? What I am hoping is going to happen to people is what Natalia realizes...and that is a child is a blessing no matter how it happens. Hopefully people will start to see it as that, and not just as an impediment to the story but part of the story, and that is what I am hoping.

Give us a sneak peek of what we can look forward to as we head to the finale for Otalia, and what is the million-dollar question?

Will they end up together? Natalia's goal is she wants Olivia to be a part of this, but Natalia has work to do to get her to be a part of it. She wants Frank and Olivia to be part of her family. That’s what she wants, and will that work out? It’s not necessarily what they want, but it’s what she wants, and will it work out her way? You have to watch!

If you were to say, getting the chance to play Natalia was...?

Natalia was a great role to play, a big lesson for me in a lot of ways, and a little bit of a teacher for me.

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