How To Tell Your Parents You’re Gay


This week was the big moment when Saundra Santiago aired as Carlotta Vega on One Life for the first time. You all remember the dicey issue when long time veteran actress Patricia Maucieri abruptly the left the show over the infamous scenes that are airing this week, and through the next couple weeks. In the storyline, Vega’s on-screen son Cristian finds a book, “How To Tell Your Parents You’re Gay” and she then assumes her beloved son is a friend of Dorothy’s. This is why Maucieri bailed. But now FOX News is reporting an item that Maucieri is saying that she was fired for her "religious beliefs" and is considering taking action against ABC. WOW! Now back to her replacement Santiago, to me, she looks too young for the diner owning Carlotta, but the jury is still out.

Speaking of “How To Tell Your Parents You’re Gay”,
make sure to come back Tuesday with our exclusive interview with Scott
Evans and his mom, who is going to be airing as Fish’s fictional mom,
Barbara Fish, the week of September 14th. That is not to be missed week
of episodes when Fish gets up the courage to tell his parents he’s gay!

Adonis 2009 crowned!

James Scott (EJ) has a Three-Peat! For the third year in a row, James
has been voted Adonis 2009 by  and in a tight race by only
a slight percentage over ATWT's Noah, Jake Silbermann.

out the results and some frequently asked questions from!
One in particular struck me. According to Danny, what
does the winner get? “The shiny, priceless Adonis statuette is
available for collection in my boudoir whenever the winner chooses to
come to my house and receive it.” Hey, we all have to do whatever it
takes to get a hot guy to our places, right?

Beemer in all new spread!

Owen, Brandon Beemer has an amazing photo spread that should make gay
soap fans hearts, and you know what else… go a flutter. It appeared in
the newest issue of Italian Vanity Fair.  I mean when you got it, why
not flaunt it.


Otalia Watch

What Happened This Week:

told Olivia that she has someone who loves her, and warned Olivia not
to lose Natalia by pushing her away. Natalia told Frank she wants their
baby to have a real family. Suddenly Olivia walked in and says she had
to be there because she couldn’t waste any more time.

Next Week’s Preview:

can’t believe Natalia wants her to help pick out baby names. She says
she needs to move slowly. Natalia says she understands Olivia needs
time, but she wants the baby born with Olivia as her mom, too. Olivia
joins in as Frank and Natalia go through baby names

That’s a Wrap!

can I say to this Otalia baby madness? Other than, new mom Jessica
Leccia and her hubby and I partied together at the Y&R Emmy
After-Party, as did hunk, Austin Peck. Earlier in the evening I met up
with Chappell at the Official Emmy After Party. Check out the Party-Train report. 

been a long week, I am ‘Emmied’ out, but it was great fun to see
everyone together to celebrate the genre. Something it badly needs at
this time!

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