What do you think about Scott’s love interest on the show, Brett Claywell [Kyle]?
Lisa: Brett is great. I met him the first day. He is a great guy and funny. I think Scott is very lucky to work with this group of people. Everyone was interesting and caring. I was so happy my baby gets to work in a job he loves. Scott works with great people, and I am “knocking on wood” as we speak.

How many episodes do the two of you appear in together?
Scott: Four episodes. The first episode airs on September 16.

When you got scripts about Fish coming out to his mom and dad and the other coming-out material, did you have any input into the scripts? Head writer Ron Carlivati and his team seem to be doing an excellent job.
I got to tell you, I feel so lucky to have this team writing this. Honestly, I got these scripts and I read them one time through. You know it’s well-written because you can read it once and it’s already in your head. This stuff was so easy to do and so easy to say that they made my job great. I could not wait to get on set and play out this material. In respect to this story line, I am having the time of my life.

In the recently aired coming-out episodes of Fish telling Layla and Cristian he was gay, we all needed hankies!
Lisa: My daughter has been in Tika’s position. The joke in our family is, if Scott’s older sister has a crush on a guy, then guaranteed he is gay. Not her husband now, but prior to that. [Laughs]

Scott, if you have a man in your life, would you bring him home to Mom’s house?
Scott: I am really not the relationship type. So, at this point, I have not met anyone that I really want to take to Mom’s. When Mom visits me in New York she hangs out with me and all my friends anyway. We go out to the gay bars together. If one day it happens, I will have no hesitation in bringing someone home.

Mom, your other son is very famous: Chris Evans.
Lisa:My sweet boy, yes.

Scott told in his last interview that it was easy telling everyone in his family except Chris. Did you know about that?
I did know about that, and it’s hard for them. When Scott came out to his sister and me, it was right after he left high school and got to NYU. He knew he wanted to identify himself by starting college as a gay man. Carly [Scott’s sister] and I were just sort of sitting back waiting going, “When do you think he is going to tell us?” He wanted to do it in person. Chris is not around as much, and when he is, it’s all family, all the time. So when I knew at one point the two of them were driving together from New York, I said, “Ah, I know this will be it. They have got four hours in the car and that’s really good.” I have to tell you something. Honestly, I have not told this to Scott. Chris came to me several times and went, “So, Mom, is Scott gay or what?” And I said, “You know, that is something Scott is going to have to tell you himself.” And he said, “Well, when is he going to tell me?” I said, “Scott probably needs to do it when he can be alone with you.” Chris went, “OK. Well, then I am going to be make myself available as best I can.”

Scott: That is just it. When I did finally came out to Chris, he said, “I am a little pissed.” I said, “Why?” Chris said, “You told everyone else six months ago. Why did it take you so long?” I was terrified to tell him. I look back on it now kind of laughing hysterically, thinking that I thought I couldn’t.

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