You seem to have put your grand entrance line “BAM!” on the map. Will we discover any new catchphrases this season?

sure. You know how you say little things that you don’t pick up that
other people pick up on? “Who gonna check me, boo?” We hadn’t heard
that before. “Eyes poppin’, lips bustin’, I’m just givin’ you the T,
honey.” What’s the T? It’s the Truth. I’m just givin’ you the dirt,
honey. We’re from the South. We got all these sayings. What do you say

Gay men in New York City sometimes call each other “ladies.”

I’m gonna tell you, in Atlanta we have a huge population, and most of
them wear heels and handbags. It’s so gay. You got your jeans and
shirt, and then you have your high heels on. The gays will wear men’s
clothing and high heels. This year, I do a fund-raiser event on the show
with heels called Heeling the Soul. I have all the gay guys wear their
high heels, and they run a quarter of a mile for charity. When we
talked about it people were wondering who was gonna win. I was like,
Who you think gonna win? You know a gay guy gonna win. They spend their
nights running through the alley in high heels in Atlanta. A gay guy

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