Have you spoken to Danielle since the first season of the show ended?
cool. I meant what I said in the reunion. If you wanna say sorry, I
forgive you. We wish each other the best, which is all I ever wanted,
but I think Danielle needs to see that you don’t have to be best
friends or enemies. There’s a happy medium of just being civil and nice
to each other. That’s what I think her confusion may have been: Either
people are all-accepting or they’re out to get you.

Your husband never appeared in the first season. Will we ever see him?
Oh, no, I can tell you that you won’t.

Does he really exist?
does exist; he just wants no part of the show. I love it that way. When
he comes home it’s all about me and him. We’re not talking about the
show. I don’t get involved in his business, and he doesn’t get involved
in mine.

Any scandalous moments you’re happy we didn’t see on the show?
The worst of everything was on that show.

some of the Jersey housewives were taking a dance class, Teresa’s
husband used the word “
gay” in a questionable fashion. What was your take
on it?

I think there was no malice at all in it. Danielle made a
bigger deal out of it for the drama’s sake of things. She loves that.
Nobody loves the gays more than me. I have a gay brother. I wasn’t
there that night, so I didn’t see it go down, but when I was watching I
thought it could have been brushed off as nothing. I know it’s
different coming from a gay man, but I know my gays totally agreed with
me. My brother and I say worse things to each other, but it’s never
done with any kind of malice. I know Teresa and her husband aren’t like
that. In my opinion, Danielle was looking to make drama.

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