As the light fades on today’s finale of the longest-running show in broadcast history, gay fans will also mourn the loss of same-sex TV couple Otalia, whose relationship was cut short. Whether or not you agreed with the journey these two women in love took, if there was any story line over the last year and a half that captivated audiences gay and straight, it was this one.
I spoke with Crystal Chappell this week to get her thoughts on Otalia’s final bow.
“It is here and we are all watching this last week of shows," she said. "It’s hard and gut-wrenching. It’s really great, and really sad. I am proud of all the people that worked so hard on it. And as sad as it is, I am enjoying seeing those faces up there, and I know how it ends and it’s nice. For me, what is important is that these two women ended up together and that their love managed to survive. You get the sense it’s going to grow and continue, and that this is the real thing. In that respect, I am happy with that. There are certain aspects of the show, and that couple, that could have been a little different.”

But what would Chappell say are the top five Otalia moments in the history of the couple?

“Certainly, Olivia telling Natalia she loved her at the cemetery and the gazebo scene. Those are in my top five. I liked "My Two Mommies." I thought that was fantastic! I even liked their spa weekend, and I thought that was sweet. I certainly loved Olivia showing up at the sonogram. Also, when Olivia is trying to die in her hotel room and Natalia is forcing her to eat well and trying to get her to live. I loved watching this relationship evolve, and how these two women changed over the course of a year. You know, I also liked at Christmastime, and the how-to-decorate-the-house episodes, and the feeling that I am going to have to move out. It breaks my heart to have to think about that. All of it was so important and I felt an interesting story.”

OK, now to the big question: What did Chappell think was the worst moment from Otalia’s love story. Was it (drum roll, please) Natalia’s pregnancy via Frank? Not according to Chappell. She said, “If anything, what I found a bit unbelievable was Natalia, of all people, fighting her religion and trying to understand how her religion would fit in with what she was feeling for Olivia. Yet she is the one that would run out and sleep with someone. I found that totally unbelievable! It happened with the two men in her life and she got knocked up both times, dear God. [Laughs] Someone needs to give Natalia a sex-ed class, poor thing.

"Also, it’s unbelievable that there was not a little more affection shown. I have had these conversations with people where they go, ‘I don’t want to see them slurping kissing,’ and I go, ‘Well, I don’t want to see two dogs kiss like that. You know what I am saying? I don’t want to see two people slurping and slopping, either.’ I think people get things in their minds about love scenes and that they have to be tasteless. What I think would have been wonderful is just a simple, romantic, mutual kiss. It’s almost the simpler the better. That would have been my choice... not that there is anything wrong with some good hot stuff.”

Now Crystal is set to premiere back on Days of Our Lives as Dr. Carly Manning on October 2, and is busy working, producing, and starring in her new Web series Venice. She is quick to point out how the millions of gay fans and supporters were instrumental in her decision to bring Venice to the Web.

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