What would you love Opal to get to do now?
I would love for Opal to have her black son come back and the father of that boy. I always thought they would find a love story between the two of them. That is way outside of anybody that’s on the show now. In that regard, I just stopped dreaming of the story. I have just been told, “That will never happen.” I would just love more meaningful interaction with both of my sons. There are so many ways in which Opal could be connected with some of those younger women on the show like Colby and Randi. I want to see the women come together on the show. If they were not going to have the Glam-o-Rama on the show anymore, then have Opal have her own gossip column!

Whatever happened to the Glam-o-rama?

The Glam-o-rama just died an ignoble death. They made a high-end spa out of Cortlandt Manor for a little while, and they never actually wrote for it. They had the funny hunky Swedish masseur, who was the guy that everybody wanted. And they would go, “Oh, I am coming for a massage with…Sven!” But you never saw Sven. We wanted to have a sort of office manager guy who was gay who was running the place and would cause all sorts of various troubles with the characters. There were lots of ideas thrown around but never realized.

Do you like that Opal is the Pine Valley "buttinski"?

I used to feel that way about her and I loved that. But they have not really written too much of that for her lately. I am finding that head writer Chuck Pratt is finding interesting ideas. I love the fact that even though they burned down Cortlandt Manor, it did get Opal into a house. So she was not so isolated. I would love Opal to find love and revisit the more zany side of her character… the side that you felt like anything could happen. I loved it when Erica and I had those capers.

In closing, all things being equal, would you consider coming out to L.A. with us?
I would love to come to Los Angeles. I would love a chance to spend an extended period in L.A. with a job. So who knows? There are so many details to straighten out if this would even happen, and I truly haven't had a definitive conversation yet. But knowing about how they are looking at recurring characters, I don’t know if it will be possible. We shall see. 

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