Reality According to Kristin Cavallari

Will gay characters and girl crushes make the cut on season 6 of The Hills? Find out what happens when MTV’s resident “bitch” stops being polite and starts getting as real as her producers will allow.




You also played a lesbian cheerleader who was blackmailing Neptune High’s other closeted gay teens on a 2006 episode of Veronica Mars.
That was actually the first acting thing that I ever did and I was really excited about it. I remember my dad definitely thought it was cool.

As a part of Young Hollywood, do you think it’s still necessary for up-and-coming gay actors to stay in the closet?
No, it’s so ridiculous. I grew up with someone in high school who was gay and Mormon, so I can understand how coming out would be difficult with a family situation like that. But everyone’s gay in L.A., and I don’t see anyone being judged for that here. Why hide who you are? I have an actor friend that I’ve been encouraging to come out. I know he’s thinking about it, so it might happen soon.

OK, let’s wrap up with a lightning round. Where will you be watching The Hills premiere?
We’re having a party at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

You played the sexy love interest in music videos for Teddy Geiger and Gavin DeGraw. In which artist’s video would you like to appear next?
Kings of Leon.

Will you download Heidi Montag’s album on iTunes?
I actually already have a couple of her songs on my iPod, so maybe.

Would you ever pose for Playboy like Heidi?
They’ve asked me to and I’ve turned it down. I also turned down the cover of Maxim, but I did give Playboy some thought because they actually asked me to do it with no nudity. But I just feel like now is not the right time.

What do you think of Stephanie Pratt’s new lips?
They’re big.

Which cosmetic surgery would you most like to get?
Any plastic surgery scares me. I mean, obviously there are things about myself that I don’t like, but I could never have a needle coming at my lips or anything like that. It freaks me out. I’d also be too scared that they would mess up and make it worse than it was.

Finally, did you see Audrina in Sorority Row?

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