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Do you have any say with him when it comes to song suggestions?
actually is an episode where I told him this story about when I was in
high school and there was a song I really wanted to sing -- "Defying
Gravity" from Wicked -- I really wanted to sing the song in high school,
but my drama department would never let me because I was a boy and it's
a girl's song. So I told him about it one day -- I was sort of venting
about it to him -- and the next thing I know, he wrote it into the show.
That's the story line for the episode.

What’s been your favorite song that you’ve performed on the show?
gosh. We did this number called "Hate on Me" [by Jill Scott] and
it turned out really great. It wasn't fun to perform because I had this
15-pound Gucci sweater on and I think I lost like 15 pounds that day
sweating from the sweater, but the way it turned out was great, and it's
a lot of fun to watch.

If you could sing anything on the show, what would it be?
really want the Glee Club to do "Time Warp." I think that would be so
much fun. Like a Halloween episode where we could be all Rocky Horror

Which Rocky Horror Picture Show character would you play?
Oh, I'd probably be Riff Raff -- absolutely, Riff Raff. [Laughs]

How challenging was it to learn Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” routine?

probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but also the
biggest self-accomplishment, because I remember watching her, on the
American Music Awards, start dancing and I thought, Oh, God, some people
in this world are just dancers, and me, I'm just not one of those
Then I came to find out that two weeks later Ryan calls me in
and says, "Oh, you're doing that in the show." So the fact that I got away
with it is pretty cool and self-gratifying. It took a lot of work -- I
think it took me like three weeks to get it down to what it was; three
weeks, two choreographers, and one therapist! I'm kidding -- there was no
therapist. [Laughs]

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