BY Lesley Goldberg

October 06 2009 12:55 PM ET


What can viewers expect from Kurt this season? Any love interests?

is a love interest, but it's sadly not reciprocated. It's Finn. In the
second episode, when [Kurt] is at the car wash, he looks over at Finn
and says that he's in love with someone else, and then Rachel [Lea
Michele] stands up and Mercedes [Amber Riley] thinks it's Rachel. He
definitely realizes he has a crush on Finn and does what he can to try
to get Finn to like him back, but sadly it doesn't happen. 

Is he going to stick with the football team?
He does for a while. He eventually leaves, but he does stick it out for a while.

recent GLAAD report showed a 3% increase in gay regular

series characters on prime-time TV and cited Glee as a standout. How important
is it to have gay characters on prime-time TV?

Very cool! I
think it's extremely important for gay youth out there to see that it's
actually OK and that they are being represented in these shows. It's
extremely important.

What about you personally -- how much has Glee changed your life?

changed my life from night and day. From being a weird, small-town kid
to now being on a successful TV show. It's white and black, night and
day. It's completely changed my world.

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