Christina Hendricks: Ahead of the Curves

If you’re still not watching the Emmy-winning AMC drama Mad Men, get ready to meet your new girl-crush.




You showed off your singing and accordion-playing skills in a recent Mad Men episode. When’s your album dropping?
Oh, I’m not going to torture anyone with that nonsense. No Edith Piaf covers from me. That scene was certainly a new challenge and I was terrified, but it was really fun to do. I don’t have the voice to do a musical unless they threw me in the back, but I’d love to do a Broadway show. I’d always been too intimidated to pursue that, but I’m feeling inspired. I saw Elisabeth Moss do Speed-the-Plow last season and she was wonderful, so it gave me the bug.

You were recently cast as Katherine Heigl’s and Josh Duhamel’s best friend in the film Life As We Know It. Since out director Greg Berlanti’s at the helm, I’m hoping for some gay content. Is your character a lesbian?
I haven’t spoken to Greg yet about what he’s revealing, so I want to wait before I say too much, but I will say that that would put a very different spin on the movie. I’m so excited to work with Greg, though. He seems so sweet and kind.

You’re a natural blonde but you’ve dyed your hair red since the age of 10. Do redheads have more fun?
I believe so, but I was also very young when I was blonde. I’ve turned into a woman with red hair, so that’s all I know and all I want to know. I always think about going back to blonde or going dark, but I know I’d be sad the moment I changed it. So I just talk myself out of it, pop on a wig, and I feel better the next day.

Do you mind all the focus placed on your bosom in the media?
It’s crazy, right? I’m on what I think is the best TV show there is right now and everyone’s always talking about my boobs. I’ve never dealt with this kind of attention on them before, so it’s a bit of a surprise. It’s true: I have them. I guess I never realized that not that many other people do. But I’m definitely ready for someone to be like, “She’s the most amazing actress ever!” That would be nice.

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