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Now, Fish has forged a solid male friendship with the very straight Cristian (who only has eyes for the rejected Layla). He has been there every step of the way to help Fish come to terms with who he is. Tika agrees, “Cristian has been a great guy, and men need to speak to men sometimes and know that they still respect them. It’s a whole other type of relationship that women don’t have between men… gay or straight… men are still men. It’s really nice to know that somebody has your back. I think that relationship is important to Fish and Cristian, and David Fumero [Cristian] has done a great job taking the heat from Fish’s parents, and standing up to them.”
So, will Layla and Cristian be attending the same-sex wedding-athon (airing in a few weeks) to support their gay friends? “Yes, we will be in attendance. Kyle’s marrying Nick, who is a cutie patootie! He reminds me of Clark Kent. Nicholas Rodriguez (Nick) is a sweet guy and yes, supposedly Kyle is marrying Nick, but…. there is a whole thing that is going to happen there. We are there for support for our friends, but of course, we are truly Fish’s friends!”

Now, it’s Tika’s turn to take center stage, when after months of dancing around their mutual attraction, Layla’s stalled love life gets a jump start! On today’s episode, Cristian and Layla’s long-awaited kiss happens! But for Tika, being paired with hottie David Fumero comes with a bit of a dilemma.

“Well, he is one of my really good friends, and actually his wife, Melissa Gallo Fumero (Ex-Adriana, OLTL) is one of my really good friends. It was weird, but then we said, we have to do this, and make it sexy and amazing and not be afraid."

So, did BFFs Melissa and Tika compare notes on Fumero’s lip-locks? Tika yelps, “Oh no! Absolutely not! Oh, hell no! We don’t even talk about it, and if we do, she will make fun of it. I am not going to her house going, ‘David kissed me today and it was amazing’ NO! David is not a bad kisser and he is a beautiful man, and I give him that, but he is all Melissa’s. I definitely want to see how it looks on TV and I am excited to see it because so many people have been stopping me on the street and writing in asking, ‘When are they going to see a kiss?’ I don’t think Melissa is going to watch it!” 

And since Melissa’s Adrianna was one of Layla’s best friends, once she exited the series, so too did other gal pals of Layla’s, leaving her girlfriend-less. But Layla has a way of dealing with that loss. “I can hang out with the gay boys!

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