Viva La Vaughan

Ousted General Hospital hunk Greg
Vaughan (who over the last several weeks has been getting an
overwhelming show of support from fans and the industry) sat down with
me to discuss details of what ensued behind the scenes that brought the
original Lucky Spencer (three-time Daytime Emmy winner Jonathan
Jackson) back to the show and pink slipped the ever reliable

“It was a bit of shock. There was a call that was
made, and I went in knowing one of three things: (a) I was going to be
fired, (b) I was going to be put on recurring, or (c) There was a story
coming. but usually your executive does not call you with a story. That
is usually done by your head writer and that only happened once to me
in seven years. So I sort of prepared myself going in to it and going
in just at ease and peace. It’s not what you want to hear, but if you
go in knowing you are a little bit more reserved, and that was my
approach. It was interesting. When I think back, I had a feeling about
this. There was a guy who was coming on the show who is recurring, and
he is there now, and he said, 'How are things going?' And I said, 'You
know what? I think my days are numbered.' And he said, 'No. You’re
Lucky Spencer!' and I said, 'You know what? I know how this system
works, and I know how this show works.' I have been here long enough,
and its not that I wanted it to happen, but sometimes things happen for
the right reasons. Doors close and others open. Look, I love the people
I was with and they were my second family, and if you don’t invest in
your product then you don’t get a good return, and I was dispensable!"

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Soap Shocker of the Week!

Y&R’s Stacy Haiduk and I bumped into each other at a coffee shop last week where she teased me that the next beat in the Patty Williams story line is a doozy! For a quick refresher course, Patty has lost her marbles after
shooting Victor three times and has been put in a psych hospital. While she
appears to have now lost all memories of the last 20 some years and
what happened to her recently, a little blip at the end of Wednesday’s
episode revealed the shocker! Patty, who had plastic surgery in the
first place with an underhanded assist from Victor Newman in order to
gaslight her ex, Jack, actually stole the face of her psychiatrist,
Emily. And we the viewers see Emily for the first time, and it’s… Stacy
Haiduk. Dual role! Dual role! Watch the last three minutesof this

That made me think: Is there any Beverly Hills plastic surgeon willing to redo my face like James Franco’s?

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