In episode 3 we saw Agent Hawk roll her eyes when a religious-themed
explanation was offered for the global blackout. Are Janis's feelings on
religion something the show will be exploring this season?

Not as of
yet; I don't know about her feelings on religion, but there's a lot of
stuff that comes up with her pregnancy, with how she feels about how one
should raise a child in terms of morality and crap like that. I
definitely think there's a possibility that we'll examine things like

In regard to the pregnancy, do you think having a
strong female gay character who becomes pregnant sends a message to
red-state America?

I think that it might piss them off, which is
good. I think that it's important to show gay characters on television
as relatable as possible. This is not just a gay issue; this is a woman
issue as well as a human issue. Having a child while working for the
federal government is something that is a compelling story as is, and I
think that if it makes people kind of uncomfortable, then we're doing
our job. I think that it makes them have to think a little bit more
and kind of examine themselves, like why or why not that may not bother
them or not. I think it's good if we make people uncomfortable; I think
that's our job, really, to challenge people.

In episode 5,
“Gimme Some Truth,” Janis officially comes out during a date with Maya [Navi Rawat] but says she opts to remain closeted at work since the
"federal government doesn’t like gays with guns." Do you think Hawk
will come out at work this season?

I personally think that some of
her colleagues do know. I think maybe Demetri [John Cho] already knows
because they've been friends for so many years. But I don't know. I
think she could come out at work based on how in fact she does get

Janis and Maya pretty much embodied the lesbian
“U-Haul” joke in that episode: hooking up, staying the night and ending
the relationship within 24 hours. Is this the last we’ll see of Maya?

don't think it's the last we're going to see of Maya. I think it's
interesting because I think at that point in the episode, Janis is just
done with Maya and she got freaked out at the whole lesbian U-Haul
thing, but I think that after you get shot and you're lying in a pool
of blood, the chances are you rethink the mistakes you've made. I
personally think that it's not the last of Maya that we'll see.

calls things off when Maya — in a bid to know more than Google,
“Mosaics” her to find out what she saw during the blackout. What do you
think of the whole Googling your date practice?

It's so interesting
that they brought that up because I feel that the Mosaic is also a
representation of Facebook and all that creepy Internet shit that
people are into these days — hey, I'm guilty of it, I have a Facebook. ... I think that it was good and interesting that we touched on that and
about the whole invasion of privacy and this whole new social
networking is even different — the social "Mosaicing," like you can
look people up and see what they see and make a predetermination about
who that person is based on what they were doing in their flash

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