The last episode that aired ends with your character
getting shot and lying in a pool of blood. What can you tell us about
what's next for Agent Janis Hawk?

Well, there's definitely a lot
of stuff about her future as a career woman as opposed to her future as
a parent. There's a lot of stuff that comes up about whether or not she
wants to raise a child. It's good!

What else can you share about your character's pregnancy?
now we don't really know, but we do know that it's something that's
going to be not your typical pregnancy — obviously she's gay — not your
typical parenting modes. It's definitely going to be something that's
shocking and very different than I think what you would expect.

What about you personally: Is this your first time playing gay?
is my first time playing gay, and I love it. I applaud ABC so much,
because I think as a network they've had some really great gay
characters on a lot of their shows. There definitely could be more. I
think it's wonderful. I'm a huge advocate of gay rights — to me, it's
synonymous with human rights — it's the same damn thing. I think it's
important to show and I think it's important for kids to see positive
gay characters on TV shows, and I think ABC is going in the right
direction. I love the way they're writing Janis. They're not writing
her with a bunch of gay issues, they're writing her with regular issues,
and she just happens to be a gay woman working for the government. I
think it was really nice how her official coming-out with Maya on the
date wasn't this big to-do; it was just part of her life and it was
normal for her. I think the writers are doing a really great job of
making it seem like part of her life, just normal. Just like any other
romantic situation with any other straight character.

The whole
theme of the show is about what you choose to do with a future that
you’ve seen and leaps of faith. What would you do if you saw a piece of
your future?

I don't really know what I would do. I don't think I
would really want to see a piece of my future. Because if you see
something really great, there's a big chance that you might eff it up,
you might strangle the kitty, as they say. [Laughs] But I don't know,
I don't think I would want to see part of my future, it would just
freak me out. What if something really shitty happened and you would
obsess over it and have a horrible life after that?

What if there was an Emmy award in your future?
Emmy?! That'd be kind of nice. But no, because then I would think that
I was the shit and I wouldn't work as hard and then I wouldn't get it. [Laughs

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