Were you the only gay participant on the show?
As it turned
out, other men on the show who identified as straight had had sexual
relations with men. You know, sex addiction takes no hostages. The
moment you go in to meet other sex addicts, they’re pretty open to sex.

But those guys didn’t identify as gay?
A problem I’ve
encountered with gay people here — they’re very prescriptive. You sleep
with a man once and you’re gay. That’s not the case, and consequently
you’ve got 80% of the population who might want to
experiment or try things but are petrified of being thrown out of the
straight camp and even more scared of being embraced by the gays. And
you know what? The gays and the straights at either end of the spectrum
have totally determined the sexual agenda for the rest of us. And it’s
a really big problem because the whole gay thing — it sticks in my
throat because it’s about drinking, taking drugs, it’s about looking a
certain way, it’s about sounding a certain way. In this country it’s
about doing things that kind of negate who you are. But yes, I was the
only gay person [laughs].

Were you worried about the potentially exploitative nature of the show?
With the kind of people they had on offer — and they had really good
sex therapists — I thought, Fuck it, I’m gonna go in there, they’ll pay
me money, and I’m gonna take this treatment and work it.
I don’t give a
fuck whether it’s great television or not. As a result of me taking it
really seriously, it created a culture of real treatment. Soon they
stopped calling the show Celebrity Rehab and started calling it a
Did you get the vibe that any of the other participants were there simply for 15 minutes of reality television fame?
A very small percentage. But I wouldn’t put up with it. I would stamp
out any kind of ludicrous behavior. It was me who started doing that
first and then Jenny [Ketchum, former porn star Penny Flame] and then
Kendra and then Amber [Smith, supermodel] and then the two guys — we
all started taking things really seriously. Turned out it was a big
problem for the production because we weren’t fucking each other, we
weren’t running around screaming, we weren’t taking drugs. We were in
bed every night by 10 because we were so exhausted from the work we
were doing. They used the same camera crew from Celebrity Rehab on
our show and kept them there until 3 in the morning because they
were used to late-night insanity — you know, things that were external.
But on our show, it was an internal thing, which is far more
interesting. Although I think VH1 is a bit pissed off about that.
Was Dr. Drew your primary therapist?
He’s not a
therapist. I kind of think he’s a bit of a charlatan. I mean, just
meeting him, I had serious problems with aspects of his treatment. For
instance, he believed in a 12-step program to deal with our
problems and yet he didn’t believe in God, which is absolutely
essential to the success of a 12-step program. So I kind refused
to deal with him.

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