And as a nod for GL fans, I did ask both Crystal and Jessica what they thought of the final episode, which fast-forwarded only one year in the lives of the citizens of Springfield, when I would have preferred a decade's leap. Chappell summed it up best. “I would agree with that it seemed too quick, but it was showing that everyone found their place and it was abridged, and the 10 years would have been interesting, but I am not having wrinkles! [Laughs]

Be on the lookout for’s special video presentation of our trip to the set of Venice next week.
Dr. Dan Will Keep Your Dirty Laundry

Cameron Mathison (pictured) plays Dr. Dan, the new face of Cheer detergent’s new ad campaign, with an online soap spoof called Brighten Bay.
I guess if we all had a doctor like this, we would be (a) making sure he
would make house calls, (b) bribe the receptionist at his medical
practice to get an appointment since he is probably triple-booked, or (c) find out what gym he goes to and stalk him in the locker room.
Anyway, Mathison does a great job in this hilarious parody. Check it out here!

Forbes March — Another One Bites the Dust

It’s not a good sign when we lose another gay soap character before it even gets off the ground. That is what happened to one of our favorites, the sexy and talented Forbes March. As the World Turns has dumped the character of Mason, who was supposed to be part of a romantic triangle for Nuke. March’s final scenes will air this month. Seems a writing shift on the creative team decided the fate of March’s role of film professor Mason Jarvis.
In a revealing interview with TV Guide Canada, the actor sounded off on P&G’s “pussyfooting around” their gay story lines (P&G, other wise known as Procter & Gamble, are also the folks that brought you GL’s Otalia).
“Their gay characters aren’t very gay! [Laughs] If someone turned on the soap for the first time, I think it would take him or her a while to figure out Mason was gay. Let’s face it — Luke and Noah are two J. Crew guys, two of the nicest and most wholesome gay boys you’ll ever meet. World Turns needs someone like American Idol’s Adam Lambert. Because I was completely taken with Adam, I went into my World Turns audition with black leather pants, rock-star jewelry, and snakeskin boots! I pulled all of that out for the audition to give them ideas. The looks on their faces? A resounding, 'No-o-o!' Mason is supposed to be a gay indie moviemaker, but they ended up dressing him like freakin’ Indiana Jones! Nuke is about as gay as Bill Cosby! [Laughs] Throw a wrench in there, people. World Turns needs an extroverted, effeminate gay man on that show. Give Mason eye shadow! But they didn’t like that. The only input they accepted from me was Mason’s endless scarf collection. World Turns is caught between a rock and a hard place with their gay story line. I don’t think they anticipated two vocal, polarizing views on the Nuke storyline. I honestly don’t think America is ready for a gay story line on a soap. It’s just too hot- button of a topic. They're criticized by the gays for not making Nuke gay enough, and then the American Family Association boycotts them. I get the sense that executive producer Christopher Goutman didn’t anticipate this kind of relentless backlash from the far right. He got hammered from each side. Any time I wanted to put my hand on Noah’s shoulder, several serious discussions ensued whether or not it would pass the muster. Any body contact had to be cleared from higher-ups.”

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