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And speaking of needing a shake-up on ATWT, seems I am not alone in this theory. In my recent appearance on a special edition of the popular online soap chat show, Brandon’s Buzz, called “A Big Gay Soap Chat,” I suggested along with a series of callers that perhaps since Nuke is in a box with no story that perhaps one solution (and not a popular one by any means) would be to kill off our beloved Noah so that we can see Luke, like any other human being struggling to come to terms with the loss and moving on with his life and allowing himself to love again with ... another man! I mean, we need something! It seems like a gay love triangle fizzled. So what’s next? To hear the full episode click here.

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One Life to Live – Five-Star Rating

I hope you
caught the exceptionally written episodes that started last Friday and
have played out all week. The same-sex wedding-athon in Llanview did
not disappoint. And it’s hard to pick out some of the favorite moments
or one-liners, but I marveled at the show! How about Officer Fish
coming out to the protesters? Or Kyle Lewis’s realization that he was
marrying the wrong man, and the beautifully written and performed scene
by Kish when they realized they wanted to make a go of things? How
about our friend Robin Strasser’s Dorian battling her inner desire to
be with the man she loves, David Vickers? And how about Tuc Watkins’s
David, who has “a date with Destiny” and is stuck on a plane heading to
London with the little girl ... while bemoaning the fate of Dorian, who is
about to marry her female campaign manager just to get the gay vote?
Charming, insightful, sad and funny ... it had it all. The Daytime
Confidential gang also weighs in on their thoughts on the story in
their all-new podcast.

Kish Preview

Coming up next week, Kyle and Fish try to go on their
real first date, but their professional lives and other people’s
dilemmas always seem to be getting in their way. But stay tuned. This
gay romance has legs and there is more to the story!

No More Binks at AMC!

With All My Children heading west, it seemed like a perfect time to bring lesbian Bianca Montgomery back into the fold after the disastrous Reese-Bianca story line to redeem the character as the rightful moral center of Pine Valley. However, word came in from Eden Riegel that she will not be returning to Pine Valley anytime soon. The actress tweeted the news: “Hey Guys, not-great news to share. Looks like it isn't going to work out for me going back to AMC when they move out to LA. I'm very sad ... ” All I can say is, “Join Forbes March. Another gay character bites the dust!”

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