Fans were in an uproar when a rumor came out that you may not resign with the show, and then many were concerned over Viki’s lack of story. What would you say to this?
The contract negotiations… I don’t know who stirred that up but I had contract negotiations that were so easy. They said, “Do you want to stay?” and I said, “Yes, please,” and that was it. Contract negotiations are nobody’s business, so I don’t know where people get this information, because I was never leaving the show. Would I like to work more and have a story? Sure, but you can’t have everything, and my God, I have had story for 38 years. So I am not complaining.

Viki and her brother Todd, played by Trevor St. John, have interesting dynamics. How is playing with Trevor?

It’s a very good relationship. I am not taking anything away from Trevor, but it was created by Roger Howarth (Ex-Todd), that relationship and everything that Viki and Todd are for each other. He set the tone for that. Trevor has obviously continued it. It was a slightly warmer relationship in the old days; it is now played completely differently. Basically, Todd wants to listen to his sister, but he doesn’t want to listen to her because she always tells him what the right thing to do is and he never wants to do this. Trevor’s Todd has matured, and I know he is enormously popular!

Robin Strasser said any day she can work with Erika Slezak is a good day.
Oh please, right back at her! If I look at the script and see I have scenes with Dorian, I go “Whoopee!”

Gay men have viewed Viki and Erika Slezak as daytime icons. Do you feel that love and admiration from your gay fans?
Recently, there was a cute cop who went, “Hey Viki!” and he wanted to talk to me. I don’t know if he was gay or not, but he enjoys the show and there are all these guys who stop me and go, “My wife makes me watch you!” Yeah sure, they watch because they love it. I think why people, gay or straight, identify with Viki is because she has overcome so many obstacles and is a survivor, and that is something pretty universal. I have been proud to be able play her and communicate that to the audience.

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