Porsche: Driving Miss Wanda

Love her or lynch her, drag queen Porsche sidekicks The Wanda Sykes Show into shape.




What’s the response to Porsche been like?
So far I’m hearing nothing but good things. Fox was a little leery at first because I’m kind of a hard sell. But after the test shows we shot, they were thrilled. The show’s gotten more criticism than I have.

Yes, reviews of the first episode have been mixed. How are you and Wanda responding to the negative critiques?
The reviews have been mixed, but just wait until next week. Wanda went really safe for the first show. You have to please the censors and all these other people, so the outtakes were better than half the show that made it on.

Is the plan to get raunchier?
Oh, absolutely. That first episode was just us putting our tails in the water. Now we’re figuring out how far the envelope can be pushed.

You already pushed it pretty far with that doctored video clip of you making a blow job gesture behind President Obama. I didn’t know you could show that on television.
I didn’t either. I really have no clue how we got away with that. When we filmed it, we said, “Well, let’s hope this makes the censor’s cut.” But the censors said, “Go for it,” so we did.

Do you have a voice in the creative process?
Yes. The first week was in Wanda’s and the writers’ hands, but now it’s more of a collaboration. I’ve already pitched a couple ideas.

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