What was high school like with him?
He and I had a P.E. class
our sophomore year and it was a three-on-three basketball game, and like a lot of gay guys, I’m
not the most athletically agile person, so our team was losing. It was
me, John, and one of his buddies losing. His buddy was totally ragging
on me, and as we headed to the locker room John came up and apologized
for our friend’s behavior. But then in our senior year, he started
being a jerk to me. He was the last person I can remember picking on
me. I can remember this situation — we had a lip-synch contest and I
performed, and afterward I was talking with a couple friends and he
came by with a couple of his friends and made a really shitty comment,
and I flipped him off. My class has 625 people, so I didn’t have
classes with everyone. My interactions with him were very few. And my
first memory of him our sophomore year, I had a positive memory of him.
But because of how he treated me our senior year, I look at the
yearbook and think, Asshole.

He seemed to walk in with his dukes up. From your time with him on the show, is he a homophobic person or simply belligerent?
don’t know if they show it, but he kind of apologized to me — I don’t
know if it was the most heartfelt apology. It was weird — when we got
back to the house there was all this drama. Every day the cast would
make a list of what food and alcohol we wanted for the house, and I was
making the list. John came over and helped me with the list as if
nothing happened. We had some great times during the show — he’s funny;
he made me laugh. When he drank he could turn into an asshole. I also
learned that John is never going to really apologize. He has his
opinions and he thinks they’re right; he’s not going to apologize for

So was that initial reaction fueled by alcohol?
I could tell he was angry when he got there. I think he thought, It was
high school. It was a long time ago — get over it.

But it looked like you at least wanted him to hear you out.
not be so doubtful that this could have happened. I don’t know what
they showed, but he did say he was sorry if I felt that way and he
shook my hand.

Was the show a good experience?
I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was kind of like one of those big high school parties I never went to.

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