*Will one of you nerds let me know if it’s even worth my time watching Caprica if I never saw more than 30 minutes of Battlestar Galactica? Like do I just need to Netflix that whole other series first? My DVR only has so many hours of space left. So this is a logistical query.

* What if Pat Robertson dies soon? It could happen. He’s pretty much entered the phase of life where you think that robots are going to break into your house to steal your medicine. And in case you missed his latest outburst on The 700 Club (funniest show on TV, in case you’ve never seen it), he said that God sent the devastating earthquake to Haiti because they’d made some kind of pact with Satan. Pat is the perfect combination of gross, mean conservative evangelical and loony old man and smiling creepiness and Werther’s Originals. I have a soft spot for wacky old coots and I was half-hoping I’d grow old with him always on my TV. But I realize this can never be and I’m trying not to think about it too much.

* Finally, when will you start reading my recaps of American Idol and Project Runway over on I think your answer should be “Why, right NOW, Dave!

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