BY Ross von Metzke

February 18 2010 3:10 PM ET


So we’re going to see the big kiss this Sunday. How was it to film that?
[Laughs] Well, both Julie and I were sick, so we were spreading germs. I do have to say, though ... there were all of a sudden crew members on the set that were never there before. Typical male interest.

How long are we going to see this play out?
I don’t know. I don’t think the writers have decided yet. We just shot a really lovely episode that I’m happy with. I just like the combination of Julie and me together, Katherine and Robin together, because it’s kind of an odd couple. And I like that aspect of it ... that Katherine is so put together and Julie is walking around in a bra and panties.

Yes, one of the first images we get of Julie’s character is her working in the class room hanging art projects, but she’s walking across the tables like she’s on a catwalk.
[Laughs] Yes, and I just love that Katherine sees beyond that, to this really vulnerable and sweet person. And there’s no judgment.

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