Currents Bryan Safi Keeps it Gay

Currents Bryan Safi Keeps it Gay




Gays can certainly relish in hating on other gay individuals.
Oh, it is the easiest thing to do. I instantly hate someone if I see them wearing an Abercrombie [& Fitch] shirt. You are too old to be wearing that! And it takes me two seconds to realize that I don’t hate you, I just hate what has happened to us. I hate that I feel I should hate you, but I don’t hate you. I think that gays hating gays is certainly a thing. I am sure there are plenty of gays who hate Adam Lambert for the very reasons I love him.

You have looked at rap music, advertisements, coming out stories, same-sex marriage, and countless other topics. What has been your favorite episode of That's Gay?
I loved the "No Homo" episode because I think using that phrase in rap music is hilarious. Instantly what you think is, “Oh, I wasn’t questioning if you were gay, but now I do.” I never thought for a second, Wheezy, that you wanting a girl to go down on you was gay, but now that you are saying that it isn’t gay I am starting to think that maybe you don’t want a girl to go down on you, and that you want a guy.

That episode was everywhere online. Was that your most viewed episode?
Yeah, I think that and Gay Best Friends were the two most viewed. All it takes is someone pointing it out, giving examples, and then people realize it is a thing. Obviously for the political issues I go for a different angle. For instance, for gay marriage I went from the direction that what the opponents were saying made sense.

Do you have more fun with pop culture or the political debates?
They are both really enjoyable. I like the political segments because it is so fun having those talking heads on screen and just trying to make them look as stupid as possible. You just feel great doing it.

What other issues are you hoping to cover this season?
I want to do one on gay parenting, mostly coming out of the Modern Family show. I also want to address gay dating. I showed my friend a gay dating site and she was horrified by what was on there. I definitely want to do the Oscars when all the Cojo’s come out for that. Also I want to look at video games. There are gay characters in some and there is also really abusive homophobic language in others. And if it is possible I want to do a figure skating one. I think it’s funny that sport is looked at as super gay and yet there is no male-on-male contact like there is in almost every other sport.

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