Evans shared his thoughts on this situation if it should happen to him in real life... that of being an openly gay man with a child to raise. “My whole life, I thought by the time I was my age I would have kids. Kids are a lot of work. I think, as a gay man in society, we are not accepted yet ... let alone a gay man with a kid. That might be tough. But, I would not like to think of it like that. The world may need little 'Scotts' running around, or kids that are raised by Scott. I think I would be a great dad one day, but I also like to nap way too much.” [Laughs]

Back on New Year’s Eve, Kish fans were treated to the couple’s night of passion, and One Life showed two men hitting the sheets. Scott told me he liked the way it all played out and tried to recall the momentous tape day for me. “That whole day is a blur to me because it was such an emotional day for all of us. The scenes with Nick [Kyle's old flame, played by Nicholas Rodriguez] were all shot on the same day. So Brett had a heavy day. Having seen it once it aired, I was very pleased how it came out. Had that been one of the first scenes Brett and I ever shot together it would have been difficult. We have become such good, close friends, and we are so comfortable working with each other, that it was great. I think the way it turned out was very tastefully directed. Jill Mitwell was our director that day and held our hands through everything. I do read the blogs, and while there were nice things said, there were some gay men who would be saying, 'Ah, they barely showed anything! They barely did anything!' And I say to that, 'It’s daytime and I thought it was fine! What do you want us to do? Tie each other up?' [Laughs]

Over the past year, Fish’s coming-out story was watched closely. Gay viewers always wait to see if their experiences are portrayed accurately on daytime soaps. Scott said he did not initially feel pressure to get it right: “I didn’t think I realized the enormity of it. There was no Kish or following. I was just Oliver at that point. I did not realize the impact that it would have. The sex scene would have added pressure, and I would have tried too much. There was no way you can encompass everyone’s coming-out story in one person’s journey, but I think I did Fish’s story justice. In fact, I really was thrilled with when he came out to the protesters at the same-sex wedding-a-thon rally. When I got those scripts, without expletives, this is what I have wanted to say to all these people in real life ... to Fred Phelps ... to all these protesters ... any time I have ever seen anything. It’s the most ludicrous thing when people protest equal rights of other human beings. You don’t murder, and you don’t rape. I really was proud of those scenes. It was great!”

Kish Preview for Next Week
Kyle reveals that he performed a DNA test to determine if Fish is the baby’s father—but he didn’t look at the results. Fish is livid that Kyle did this without his knowledge or permission. He reminds Kyle that what he did is illegal. Kyle claims he did it for Fish, but Fish won’t hear it. With the truth sealed in his hands, is Fish ready to look at the results?

Big Trouble Ahead for Nuke

So, as soapers know, when two characters collide ... and can’t stand the sight of each other ... and argue all the time, it’s love, right? Well, Nuke fans, looks like the venom spewing between Noah’s doc, Dr. Reid Oliver, and Noah’s boyfriend, our antihero Luke, are heating up on As the World Turns. Check out my handy detective work! Next week Reid and Luke argue about each other’s personality. (Clue #1) Luke tells Reid he thinks he’s biased against Luke because he’s gay, but Reid informs Luke that he’s not biased... read between the lines, folks. (Clue #2) Luke tells Reid he knows Reid’s actually a nice person. Is his posturing just an act? (Clue #3) Luke storms off, leaving Reid in deep thought. (Clue #4) Enough said. So don’t miss As the World Turns next week. Let us know if you would be cool with a Reid-Luke pairing, or do you want Luke-Noah to endure? I am pleading the fifth!

AMC’s Lucci on the Importance of Bianca’s Journey

So I visited One Life to Live in the Big Apple and then flew back to Los Angeles and attended All My Children’s press day in the show's new Hollywood digs last week. I caught up with so many members of the cast, from Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) to Jamie Luner (Liza) and Julia Barr (Brooke). During the junket I got to tape some video interviews, which you will see soon. But I think there was one very special moment with Susan Lucci caught on tape. And since reporters only could ask a couple questions, I went right to the heart of the matter. I wanted to know Susan’s takeaway from Bianca’s coming-out story and playing the mother of a gay teen. After all, it will always be part of Erica Kane’s history. And with tears in her eyes, Susan told me her thoughts.

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