The Millionaire Matchmaker is known for showing the tiffs
Patti gets into with her clients. Did you have any run-ins with her?

she first arrived the photo shoot we were putting together she was very
cranky and was going off on some of the crew in the hallway. She was in
a really foul mood. After that, she just came in and she was nice to
everyone and she just jumped into the interview with me.
What was the
interview like?

Without ever knowing me, she was caging me in as
someone who was into myself. When they do interviews on the side, the
nails sort of come out. I was sort of sequestered and I heard from my
friends that after that she did an on-the-fly interview and some of the
models said she was really vicious.
Since the show is from Patti’s
perspective, are you worried about how you are going to be portrayed?

have no idea how it is going to play out, but I can't wait to see how
they portray me or how they paint this picture of me. 

Do you think
your experience with her was more positive than negative?

I would say
barely. I went to the season opening party and I was one of two or three
millionaires there from the cast of this season. I know most of them
probably had a negative experience. It was me and the other gay
millionaire, Mike Wallen, and maybe one other millionaire. She had, what,
24 millionaires and only three showed up?

Did Patti talk to you
about her dating rules?

I think she normally just does that for guys she
feels are super horny and jerks. She didn't give me that lecture.
you feel they paired you with someone you felt compatible with?

really. I only had three options. It was a different set-up than her
other episodes where they are at a big mixer with 10 or 20 people to
choose from.

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