What did your date involve?

We actually did a sit-down dinner with everyone. Patti was there, everyone in her crew, including Chelsea, and I was there with the other millionaire. The other millionaire had three straight guys to choose from and I had three gay guys to choose from.

Sounds like a lot of people.

There were like 15 of us at the dinner table. It was a big, long, two-hour sit-down dinner where you get to know the people a little bit better and then you make your choice from that. I only had three guys to choose from to begin with. That was a really different twist on the dynamic of the show.

Did you get to know them better or was the situation a turnoff?

I got to know them better but I would’ve rather had more options. I would have rather had a mixer-style where I would have had five minutes to talk to everyone.

What did you do for your "master date" as Patti calls it?

A couple of days later we went on our date and we went on a hot air balloon ride, a private wine tasting at an organic winery in Temecula, and then we did a sit-down lunch at the winery.

Did you enjoy your date?

Yeah, he was a nice guy but not really my speed. I have nothing bad to say about him. He was a genuinely sweet guy.

Currently, you’re not a member of the Millionaire’s Club. Would you consider joining again?

I wouldn’t turn it away because they could maybe pull more options for me, but I would put that as a maybe.

Donahoo did not go on another date with the man he met through the Millionaire’s Club and is still looking for love. 

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