That means literally you might receive a call tomorrow and have three weeks to prepare for a new child. At the same time, the process could take over year. How do you make preparations for a baby in that situation?
Horn: It is a weird spot to be in because you don’t want that nursery there that haunts you. Parents talk about that a lot. We meet once a month to have these group sessions and [hear about] people who rush out and do everything and then that room sits there for a year. It is heartbreaking! We have prepared in some regards, but we are not racing to make sure everything is ready. We don’t want to be reminded by what we don’t have.
Masterson: At the same time, we know that it won’t be too long before Tori wants to decorate a nursery.

Tori seems almost as excited as you two.
Horn: She and Dean have been so supportive. Dean took our adoption brochure photos for us. Tori and Dean wrote our recommendation letters. Every day they ask, “Any news on the baby?” It is great to have the amount of support.

Have you been thinking of any baby names?
Masterson: We have a few that we like. We just don’t know if we are naming a boy or a girl.
Horn: We are going to name the baby Donna Martin. Actually, it could either Donna or Martin.
Masterson: Just to annoy Tori.

How did you two meet Tori and Dean?
Horn: I met Tori eight and half years ago on a trip. I’m a publicist, and it was a celebrity trip to Turks and Caicos. My company was doing all the PR and working with the celebrities and the press. I was actually assigned to Tori and her brother Randy. We got stuck in Turks and Caicos for eight days because it was over September 11 [2001]. It was a very emotional time for everyone. It was weird being in paradise while everything terrible was happening in home. You bond with someone.

It is great watching both of your relationships with Tori. Gay men on television are typically treated as accessories that women collect, but it comes across that Tori genuinely cares about you two.
Horn: She better!
Masterson: We are the uncles. We are the family. We spend holidays together — Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Easter. It’s not like we are simply friends; we are more like family. 

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