Megan Mullally: Her Lips Are Unsealed

The Will & Grace Emmy winner embraces the unglamorous life as a cater-waiter in the second season of Party Down, but she's still not as bisexual as you want her to be.



MEGAN MULLALLY 3 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMBut after that Advocate interview, you’ve been pretty much labeled as a bisexual in the media.
Yeah, I know, I’ll still read that. My husband is always like, “Really? Are you bisexual?” [Laughs] I know the gay community wants me to be bisexual, but unfortunately I’m not as bisexual as people have wanted me to be. I am married to a man, we’ve been together 10 years, and I’ve never had sex with a woman. But I do still think everybody has an ability to love that isn’t limited by gender.

Especially given the play’s gay subject matter, your gay fans — myself included — were very much looking forward to seeing you on Broadway this season in the revival of Terrence McNally’s Lips Together, Teeth Apart before your unexpected departure from the project a couple weeks into rehearsal, which ultimately led to the show’s cancellation.
Oh, yeah, well, thanks for asking about that, but do you know about Karen: The Musical?

Yes, and I hope that, if nothing else, not doing Lips Together will allow you more time to focus on that.
Yeah, totally. It’s going to be a touring show. We’re going to be doing it in Los Angeles first, so you won’t have to travel far to see it. We’re developing it now. We’ve got a producer, a composer, and a director, so now we’re just looking for the perfect people to write the book. It’s going to be a big throwdown between Karen Walker and Beverley Leslie, so I think Leslie Jordan and I are going to have a lot of fun together. And because it’s a touring show, we can take it anywhere Will & Grace is popular, which is kind of everywhere.

But getting back to Lips Together for just a moment, there has been a lot of speculation about why you actually left the show. Personally, as a longtime fan, I don’t like reading reports of you being a total diva, so I’d love for you to clear up all those negative rumors. Will you ever release some sort of formal statement with your side of the story in your own words?
Yeah, someday the story will come out. But I think you and I both know that I am not a diva. It’s sweet of you to ask me about it, but at this point it’s not a big deal. Let’s wait until it all comes out organically, you know what I mean?

Fair enough. In the meantime, care to comment on Chace Crawford dropping out of Footloose?
[Laughs] I didn’t even know about that.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. To end on a lighter note, after seeing your commercials for M&Ms and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, I firmly believe that you should sponsor everything. Is there another product you love or use regularly that you’d want to sell with singing and dancing?
It should be some kind of douche. Maybe Summer’s Eve. Why not? Or adult diapers. Let’s just go for it, right? [Laughs] OK, see? Now you’re my Brandon.

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