Heather Morris: It's Brittany, Gleeks!

As Brittany, Glee’s ditziest Cheerio, Heather Morris sings the praises of her hit show’s Madonna episode, Lady Gaga tribute, and pinky-holding girl-on-girl action.



HEATHER MORRIS GLEE 2 X390 (MICHAEL YARISH) | ADVOCATE.COMGlee recently won a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, just in case there was still any doubt that Glee has a huge gay fan base. Are you aware of the gay love for the show and for Brittany in particular?
I am. Growing up as a dancer, most of my guy friends were gay — or are now learning that they’re gay — so it’s been very clear in my eyes that they not only love the show but also me in it. My friend Frankie, who teaches kickboxing at L.A. Fitness, where I go, was telling me how all his friends were the biggest fans of Brittany, so he begged me to go to this gay club a while back. So I made an appearance, and so many boys were like screaming for me like little girls, saying, “Oh, my God, I love you so much!” It made me so happy. I was like, “Yes, those are my gays!” I love it that they support me so much.

At the GLAAD ceremony, Ryan Murphy commended Chris Colfer for coming out at such a young age. Were you and the cast supportive of Chris’s decision?
Of course. It’s a big deal, and I’ve always told him that I’m there for him. We kind of leave him alone about it, but if it’s ever spoken about, we’re all so supportive. With Jane and Ryan there, it’s a very mature set, so nobody really thinks twice about it.

In one very buzzed-about scene earlier this season, Santana said, “Sex is not dating,” to which Brittany replied, “If it were, Santana and I would be dating.” Naya Rivera recently told Maxim that she asked director, Brad Falchuk, Are we doing this because she doesn't know what sex means, or did we in fact hook up? Brad apparently told her, Oh, no, you hooked up! So what did you think when you first read those lines in the script?
I asked Ryan Murphy about it too. We were like, what does this mean for Brittany and Santana? [Laughs] Because Naya and I are best friends off-camera too, and we’re always together, so that’s always sort of been a joke with the writers. But I think it’s great. I know some younger girls go through confusion, and I had friends who weren’t sure about their sexuality at that age. So even if it’s never spoken about directly, it’s great if someone can relate to that. I’m glad Ryan Murphy touched on it a bit for people who might be struggling with that.

I didn’t think it would ever been addressed again, but Santana and Brittany held hands during a recent episode and tried to lure Finn into a threesome. Santana even said, “You buy us dinner, and we make out in front of you. It’s, like, the best deal ever.” Are the writers just teasing us here, or will there ever be some sort of payoff?
I’m with you because I’m always anticipating getting a script that’s going to be about our love story line, but I don’t think I ever will. Brittany and Santana are just best friends, and you know how sometimes best friends tickle each others’ arms and hold pinkies?

Yes, and I know where arm-tickling and pinky-holding can lead. You don’t think we’ll ever see a Santana-Brittany makeout session?
I don’t think so. I asked Ryan about that and he said there was no way. He said that since we’re a prime-time television show, he didn’t want to do that.

Some fans may be disappointed to learn that Brittany and Santana aren’t ever going to be a bisexual couple.
I know. We’ll see what happens.

How do you see Brittany and Santana’s relationship?
It’s like Brittany’s a lost puppy dog and Santana’s her owner, so she follows Santana around and does whatever she tells her to do because she doesn’t know how to do things for herself. Naya and I have talked about their relationship, and we do think Brittany’s just dumb and crazy about Santana, like, “I’m her best friend and I love her so much!”

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